Eating Disorders

We provide CBT for a range of eating disorders, including Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa. Eating disorders are often characterized by a cognitive process in which shape, weight, dietary habits, and their control becomes central to how a person evaluates him or herself. For some individuals, this process leads to low weight and extreme dietary restrictions found in anorexia nervosa; for others, it leads to ever-worsening cycles of dietary restriction, binge eating, and/or purging. In whatever ways the eating disorder manifests, it is the cause of significant distress and functional impairment.

CBT has been shown in numerous research studies to help people address underlying social and emotional triggers and regain control of their eating patterns. As with CBT for anxiety disorders, CBT for eating disorders offers patients a set of skills to manage their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. With these strategies, the cycle of rumination about body image, dietary restrictions, binge eating, and purging is weakened over time.