Patient Reviews at Cape CBI

“Dr. Kristen is amazing and her expertise and knowledge have changed my life. The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) was a great tool and helped me considerably. I searched many places to locate someone who did CBT and finally found Kristen.

I never knew what CBT was and have learned so much. I wasn’t working or driving and now I have a new job and am doing so much more. It really surprises me how far I have come. And only, after meeting Kristen, I know why I’m here. I recommend her to anyone and everyone that suffers from anxiety, OCD and depression. There is help and it is Dr. Kristen Mulcahy.”


“Cape CBI has helped me in more ways than I could ever write on a piece of paper. They have given me hope and the feeling of living again. They also show me the way to stay on the right track with my OCD. I can’t thank Dr. Fee and everyone at Cape CBI enough.”


“In just a few sessions I was quite pleased with the positive change in my child – his worry was not controlling his day to day life, he learned strategies, us too at home, with how to work through difficult situations. He is like a new kids!!!!”

Parent of Patient

“Through ERP, I have learned that I am not my thoughts and that fear lies. I still struggle sometimes, but with Dr. Kristen’s coaching and cheer leading, I have come to accept the uncertainty of my worst fears. “


“We have been helped immensely by Cape CBI. Since our son initiated his therapy in August he has been able to get outside and successfully work at a part time job. And just yesterday I dropped him off at college. I am so grateful to Dr. Pam Fee for all her expertise.

She always communicated with us regarding our son’s progress and ways in which we could help him at home. The office staff (especially Laura) were so helpful with scheduling appointments and assisting us with insurance related information. I would recommend Cape CBI to anyone and everyone!”


“I’m so grateful to have found Kristen, who is an incredibly talented therapist and has helped me remove so many of the OCD symptoms that were causing total havoc in my life. She is patient, understanding, non-judgmental and doesn’t resort to “pills” for treating symptoms that can be fixed with hard work and persistence. Cape CBI and Kristen absolutely changed my life; I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be OCD free.”


“Dr. Mulcahy is by far the best therapist my daughter has ever worked with! She has overcome a long long list of rituals. I believe with the help of Dr. Mulcahy, she has beat 25 rituals!! The list has become short. She still has her daily struggles but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”


“I had never heard of CBT. I had never had a reason to until my 15 year old son went from a confident, strong young man to a terrified, anxiety ridden lost soul. He was unable to get in the car, attend school. All the simple tasks that made up his life had been stopped with fear. I went into help mode and searched for the best care for him.

Truly unknowing, I was sent in the direction of Dr. Kristen Mulcahy, a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My son went into intensive therapy a few times a week, which over time shifted to one time a week and then once a month. He now is in a weekly group and works hard daily to maintain mindfulness, understanding that struggles will arise in life, but with the tools he has learned from Dr. Mulcahy, he will know how to handle them in the moment.

Without Dr. Mulcahy and Cape CBI, I’m not sure where my son would be today. I’m thankful every second, and I am confident that without her I may have lost my son.”


“Cape CBI has been very helpful to our child and our family. They provide a knowledgeable, safe and friendly environment. Our child has made great strides since coming here. They are responsive, respectful and care about their patients.”