Couples Counseling – The Gottman Method

Couples Therapy is designed to help couples manage conflict, communicate more effectively, deepen their connection, and improve overall relationship satisfaction. The Gottman Method is a structured approach to couples counseling that allows couples to achieve these goals most effectively and efficiently.

Stacey Glick, LMHC, has completed Levels 1 & 2 trainings in Gottman Therapy and has helped many couples successfully work through their relationship challenges. Stacey also has specialized in infidelity and affair recovery training from the Gottman Institute.


• Deepen Friendships and Intimacy
• Manage Conflicts
• Strengthen Relationships
• Build Trust

As Part of Therapy:

• You will complete screening tools to help your therapist understand your relationship.
• Your therapist will take a thorough history of your relationship.
• You will be able to share thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about your relationship.
• You will set mutually agreed-upon goals.
• Your therapist will provide specific strategies and approaches to help improve your relationship.

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