Did you know that individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are not always overtly narcissistic? Although his/her intentions are the same as the overt narcissist, a covert 1 deposit casino nz.com narcissist may appear to be shy, vulnerable, and even caring.

Recognize the Signs:

  • A reserved, even self-effacing attitude
  • A tendency to help others (but only out of desire for recognition and praise)
  • A lack of true empathy, despite the appearance of being caring and benevolent at times
  • A lack of understanding or remorse for the consequences of hurtful behavior
  • A tendency to manipulate others to garner support, sympathy, or attention
  • A tendency toward jealousy and self-entitlement (feeling deserving of what others have)
  • A quiet (rather than obvious) air of superiority