Cape CBI - For Professionals and the CommunityCape CBI is a leader in the evidence-based treatment of OCD and related disorders and serves as a behavioral health resource to other mental health professionals working in Cape Cod.

We disseminate effective mental health treatment practices for anxiety disorders and help clinicians maximize their effectiveness in treating behavioral health issues. CBI clinical staff have consulted with various mental health programs and agencies, including the Cape Cod Department of Mental Health, the PACT Team of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Hospital, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Walden Behavioral Health, and the Riverview School.

Services include:

  • Clinical case consultation
  • Staff and team consultation
  • Professional development and training

In addition,  Cape CBI is committed to serving as a behavioral health and mental health resource to national, state and local communities. We partner with various non-profit organizations with shared common goals to meet the community mental health needs of people affected by anxiety and mood related disorders.

Community Partnerships:

International OCD Foundation (IOCDF):  The IOCDF is an international non-  profit organization that serves the OCD community by raising awareness, developing resources, and funding research.  Cape CBI is an IOCDF Institutional  Member Specialty Outpatient Clinic.